Hi, my name is Sarah Ahn (pronounced “on”), the girl behind Ahnestveggie! I am originally from a little town called Greenbelt in Maryland. I am located here in Los Angeles, California and loving every minute of it!
After I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a few years ago, I had a really hard time maintaining my weight, and I was very self-conscious with my image and surroundings. I was also on a very strict diet, which helped influence me to become first a vegetarian, then 2 years after a full vegan. I was not aware of the  things that I put in my body, drinking soda on most days, and was always on the go consuming fast food. This whole experience helped me develop a healthier lifestyle and helped me develop my choice of diet today.


A lot of people view “vegan” as flavorless and boring, but it is totally the opposite. I’ve learned to use my imagination cause…THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY!


Most of the ingredients I use are affordable, can be found at your local health food market or grocery store, fresh, and AHNestly delicious! Follow me on this journey, and I will show you how much fun being a vegan really is. Enjoy;)

XO Sarah

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