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Ahnest Review-Wednesdays ft. Vegan Cuts

Ahnest review-Wednesdays

Changing the world one vegan at a time! I’m starting a new series called “Ahnest review Wednesdays” where I will try and review some new and old vegan friendly products and share my own thoughts about them.

For this week I it’s Vegan Cuts week. If you are new to vegan-ism and need some guidance on what to eat, want to try healthy alternatives or simply want more knowledge of more vegan brands, sign up for Vegan Cuts.

Each month you will receive a box of goodies, filled with 7-10 pretty rad products that you most likely never heard of, but glad you did! Who says Christmas has to come once a year anyhow? Opening a box to find vegan surprises every month sounds just as amazing in my book.

In my April “Snack Box”, the following items were included:

Vigilant Eats Organic Oat-Based Cereal : This was pretty interesting. Think a fancier and more flavorful oatmeal on the go. The package includes hemp powder which dissolves in water, and quite delicious! Pretty sad once I finished this. Definitely will be on the hunt for this in the local grocery stores.

Numi Organic Tea : I’ve tried Numi’s herbal teas, but I was sent some 2 of their savory tea selections. This was definitely something outside my comfort zone, and I’m  adventurous when it comes to trying new food/drinks so I did try it. Not the best tea I’ve had, but then again I’d much rather eat carrot curry as my soup and not as my tea. No go for me.

Oatworks : This Pomegranate Blueberry oat based smoothie was life changing! I would like to describe it as an acai bowl to go. Another plus, one bottle equals two bowls of oatmeal which means fuel and power for your body for the rest of the day.

Mediterranean Snacks: Lentil Chips. One word: NOMSSSSS! Amazing with a side of avocado slices with pepper.

Nuttzo: Almond butter is my all time favorite snack to have and when I found this little guy in my package, I was pretty excited to try it! Nuttzo includes cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds as well as chia seeds. The pumpkin was a little overwhelming in flavor, but non the less delicious.

NII Bar: Who doesn’t like almonds, chocolates and even more almonds and chocolate together? Definitely is now one of my new favorite snacks on the go.

MCT Lean Vegan Protein Blend : This protein powder has health benefits with ingredients that include broccoli seed extract. It did have a bit of a bitter aftertaste so I didn’t care too much for this product.

Simply Straw : I can’t say enough great things about these reusable glass straws. A fun way to enjoy my green smoothies every morning. Such a great idea while saving the planet.

FTC* Products were sent by Vegan Cuts for consideration, but reviews and thoughts are my own!

XOXO Sarah